Writing inspiration for February

Writing inspiration for February 2016I actually meant to write this at the end of January, but what with health and family issues, it didn’t happen. So, not a neat New Year’s start to this monthly series of posts, but better late than never. Right?

A lot of my inspiration I find because others have shared, whether that’s music, images or their own writing. So in a way, I’m trying to return the favour. Enjoy!


I can’t write without music. I am also rubbish at finding new music. Spotify has become my new best friend. More to the point, authors who make their own playlists public on Spotify are my literary version of avenging angels. I’ve found an extraordinary amount of new, inspiring tracks this way.

I tend towards the seriously dramatic in my writing soundtracks. Since this is the inaugural post in my inspiration series, I can’t pass over Two Steps From Hell, even though they’re not exactly a new discovery this month. I’m not sure I can pick a favourite, since they probably make up over half of my Playlist of Epicness and in fact anything they have ever written fits the bill. So I will go with this:

It’s called Heart of Courage and if you think you’ve heard it before, you probably have. It’s been used in adverts, on TV sports coverage, all over the place. I first found Two Steps From Hell because I heard this track during the snooker World Championship (yes, my hobbies are that glamourous) and had to go look it up. Since it quickly got me hooked on them, it seemed a good choice for this month’s inspiration.

And here’s a track I’m just a teensy bit obsessed with at the moment, Anumati by E.S. Posthumus. This one actually is a new discovery:

And for something completely different, a little teaser for Abriny. Something I Need by One Republic sums up a particular relationship from the book so absolutely perfectly I almost cried:

I’m not denying the video’s a bit wierd, though!


I’m spoilt for choice here. I got a good haul of books this Christmas, plus I’ve been re-reading some of my favourites. For this first post, I’ll go with the re-reads; the book/series which really rekindled my enthusiasm for writing after a long, long time of tinkering around the edges, and gave me the kick up the backside to get on with my current project.

The series is Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. It’s young adult fantasy, four books and a collection of novellas published so far with another two to come, and it is AMAZING. So amazing that if I was to try and explain how good it is, this post would run to novel-length itself.

If I had to go for one book out of the series, it would be the second, Crown of Midnight. I tend to turn into a gibbering, hyperventilating wreck when I try to tell people why they need to read it. Whatever you want, this book has it: Action! Intrigue! Kick-ass heroine! Romance – oh my God the romance! Magic! Cliffhangers! Did I mention the romance?

You see? Gibbering wreck. Just GO READ IT. Now.


I use Pinterest to storyboard and I collect a fair amount of new images every month. Here’s my favourite from January – a bit more abstract than most I Pin, but a perfect visualisation of what one of my characters is going through and the mood I’m trying to create for her scenes.

And one from February:

I just love this one; it’s got the exact feel I want for Abriny, down to the run-down-ness of a city struggling through its fifth month of siege.


So, I hope some of that has given you a burst of your own inspiration. Look out for the next instalment at the end of March. And if you come across anything inspiring (especially music – I’m always collecting new tracks) let me know in the comments.


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