Friday 5@5

friday-55This weekly meme is hosted by NovelKnight, so many thanks to them for the idea and be sure to check them out. In their own words:

Friday 5@5 is a weekly feature to wrap up the week with a fun (and short) list because we know y’all want to get on with your weekends!

This week’s prompt:

Books you read based solely on the cover

Would you look at that, I actually managed to post it on a Friday this week. Cover buys are so definitely a thing. Shallow? Me? I’ve been lucky with them, in the most case – the recent ones, anyway, have been good reads as well as eye candy for my shelf. Also, I blame bookstagram. Entirely.

Queen of the Tearlingqueen-of-the-tearling

Simple, dramatic, dripping with ominous symbolism. What’s not to love?

Firebird trilogy

Look at them. Do I have to say any more? And this was definitely bookstagram’s fault; they’re so photogenic they were all over everyone’s feed and I couldn’t resist.

 The Mortal Instruments

tmi-spinesThis is possibly the most shallow of all. I read these because everyone was talking about them, and because I’d watched the City of Bones movie and quite liked it (don’t judge), and everyone said the books were better. But I read them as ebooks from the library, and had no intention of buying them – I enjoyed them, but didn’t love them. And then they were re-released with some really stunning cover art. And the spines. The spines did it. When I saw the box set for cheap while I was out buying Christmas presents, it just kind of… jumped into my trolley.

red-queenRed Queen

Is anyone sensing a theme here? If Queen of the Tearling was dripping with symbolism, this time we have a crown that’s literally dripping. With blood. Yup. Of course I wanted to read it. I’m a lovely person in real life, honest.

the-diabolicThe Diabolic

Okay, cheating slightly. I haven’t read this one yet. But it’s sitting on my shelf, because I bought it after loving the cover too much not to.


One thought on “Friday 5@5

  1. Oh I won’t judge you for loving the TMI movie! I DID TOO!! It actually sparked me to go read the books.😂 And now I’m such a rabid Cassandra Clare fan, haha…life is lovely. And I totally read the first Firebird book on cover love alone. I COULDN’T HELP IT THEY ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS!!


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