WIP masterlist

Actually, that’s sort of a lie. A better title would be “masterlist of all the stories I’m currently actively working on”. Because, damn there are a lot of others. Plot bunnies and abandoned half-starts and ideas earmarked for the future. But those don’t belong anywhere but in my head and my idea notebooks at the moment. For all the projects that I’m hoping to make proper progress with, see below:

Abriny (otherwise known as the adult fantasy series WIP)

Curse and Ghost (the as-yet unnamed YA fantasy retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Kinda.)

The Dalgarian Saga (I don’t even know how to classify this, but there are skyships)

Sorrow’s Choice (the frequently renamed and indefinitely on hold YA fantasy)

SECRET PROJECT AAAAAH (What it sounds like. Completely different. Watch this space)