Abriny is one of my current projects; a fantasy novel set in a city under siege. It’s the first in a series which will probably run to four or five books. The first draft, which I wrote for NaNoWriMo2015, finished at a horrifying 354,000 words. So. Much. Editing.

The cover you see there is the one I mocked up for NaNo purposes.

As I progress with the project, I’ll post updates, excerpts and more information on this page. For now, here’s a brief synopsis:

Abriny is under siege. With the Duke – and half the garrison – away at war, the defence is stretched and the city cowers behind its walls.

The wife of the defending General, Denny Wildhaven has the respect of the army and the fortitude of a warrior, but her husband’s demons are threatening to consume her alongside him, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can step up in his place. She needs allies, not friends, but Captain Matias Balcora, too often overlooked because of his foreign blood and dangerous record, is willing to take a risk on being both. When his links to the criminal underworld won’t stay buried, and Denny’s respectable life starts to crumble around her, can they save Abriny without losing themselves?

One city. Two wars. No such thing as safe.

You can also see more of my thinking for the story, character inspiration etc. on my Pinterest board for Abriny: